Occupied Home Staging Services

Home staging consultation has to be one of the most valuable services offered by Key Impressions in that there are more occupied homes on the market than unoccupied homes.

It is important that prospective buyers are able to visualize themselves living in the house. This can be difficult when one is distracted by clutter or perhaps personal effects such as framed photos of family and friends. (See Tips & Tricks)

Consultation of Occupied Home Staging

During a home staging consultation, Key Impressions meets with the sellers to advise them on what changes need to be made inside and out to Depersonalize, De-clutter and Divorce themselves from the house as their home and begin thinking of it as an investment. It is about neutralizing the property…getting rid of the seller’s personality. After which they follow-up with a typed project list of all of the changes that were discussed beginning with curb appeal.

“The way one lives in their house and the way one lives in their house to sell are entirely different.”